one software for all your turf operations

Turf Assistant is a SINGLE, INTEGRATED platform built to maximize labor operations, save time and money, improve overall conditions, gain insight and maintain structure and control for turf operating facilities like golf courses, sports turf complexes, parks, recreation and municipal facilities.

Labor Management

Quickly and easily create and forecast your labor and application cost, staffing requirements and document your vision and standards for your facility.  Once complete, Schedule Assistant will help you automate the day-to-day schedule and management of your staff, labor and application plans.  As your staff executes your plan, Labor Assistant will build and compile labor reports so that you can compare plan versus actual and know where the labor hours and dollars were spent on the turf.

Time and Performance Management

Automate labor tracking and management into your labor plan with Time Assistant.  With Turf Assistant’s proprietary A.P.E.x labor management algorithm you will be able to maximize your labor output across all your staff no matter if you are on property or not.  Time Assistant is always on and always watching your labor operations to ensure peak performance of staff and collecting key performance metrics for you to pull up and analyze at a glance.

Communications Management

More than a digital whiteboard, your Turf Operations Hub is the glue that brings it all together.  Whether it is scheduling daily tasks or equipment maintenance, the Turf Operations Hub is the key to automating your labor management through Time Assistant.  With integrated Time Assistant metrics, your Turf Operations Hub will display realtime labor performance stats across your entire organization.

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Equipment Management

Equipment Assistant takes the pain out of managing your large investment of equipment.  It is smart enough to know all the maintenance routines required to properly maintain your fleet without you having to manually enter any such data.  Just like Schedule Assistant for labor management, Equipment Assistant will tell your technician all the tasks that need to be completed to keep your fleet running in top notch condition.  As the work is completed, Equipment Assistant will compile and build reports to give you visibility into the health of your fleet.

Budget and Expense Management

Budget and expense management should be easy but it has traditionally been a pain with multiple spreadsheets and dual entries.  Expense Assistant will take the pain out of the budgeting and expense management process.  As expenses are incurred, Expense Assistant will record those expenses along with attachments for receipts and invoices.  Additionally it will compile reports so that you have your budgeting detail at the click of a button.

Chemical and Fertilizer Management

Effortlessly keep and track all your chemical and fertilizer applications.  Integrated into Labor Assistant, Application Assistant will automatically compile all of your application records and accumulation reporting.

With over 10,000 chemicals and fertilizers from over 453 product manufacturers, Application Assistant is the most comprehensive chemical and fertilizer database on the planet.  In addition, easily pull up product labels and safety data sheets and automatically integrate safety information into your spray applicator worksheets.

Mapping and Geo-technologies

Knowing your property is one thing.  Integrating it into day to day operations is another.  Location Assistant makes it easy to map your areas of responsibility.  With its tight integration into the rest of the Turf Assistant platform, these areas and locations will be used to define your standards for your turf.  Additionally Location Assistant will size these areas and pass that information along to aid you in planning your fertilizer and chemical applications costs and requirements.

What's New At Turf Assistant

Below are the latest features we have added to Turf Assistant.  Like what you see?  We have a lot more planned on our roadmap for 2019.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Beacon Assistant is our realtime asset tracking solution built right into Turf Assistant.  If Time Assistant, and our A.P.E.x performance monitoring isn’t enough, beacons can be added to give realtime location tracking as well as historical playback of where all your equipment has been on the course.  You can use this information to improve routing, equipment idle and transport times and an overall uptick in your labor performance.

Weather Assistant (Q4, 2019)

We have a lot of awesome stuff we are working on but our next addition will be integrating weather data into our platform.  From in-ground sensors to weather station data, Turf Assistant will be the only platform today to help you integrate weather information into your overall day to day decision making and operations.